29 May 2012


Last few weeks,like what I have posted in previous entry that my dad came to meet me all the way from KL. He got some work in KL and since he was not the one who drove the car, he asked the driver to go to Kuantan just to meet me. I feel like crying right now because I miss my parents very much. No words can describe my feeling now :'(

At 11.20am, my dad arrived at the parking lot in front of my building. I feel so happy! Never being so excited like that for a long time. Even though we only met for few minutes due to time constrain ,so it was a short yet valuable time that I have spent with the love of my life.

spot my dad in orange down there :')

got goodie bag with <3

as dad is working in Agriculture line,it is a MUST for him to bring us fruits almost everyday depends on the season. This time it is mempelam/mangga/pauh!

Moist chocolate cake and a jar of sambal ikan bilis jawa from Mom :')

p/s: Homesick :'(

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