04 May 2012

Self Reminder #2

* Do not be the person who love to burden others but when other people ask you for some help, then you say "Do it by yourself lazy bum!"

* Do not judge people according to their personality only. They might have wider knowledge than you do

* Do not talk about yourself too much in front of your friends when they never ask for you to . You might pissed them

* Control your ego, because everyone has theirs to take care too

* Do not talk if you do not know about something before you try/ face it by yourself because you will end up being a loser in front of others.

* Do appreciate people around you because you are not live in this world forever

* Watch your words when talk, watch your action when dealing with others because you might hurt them unintentionally.

* Patience is the key of happiness

* Do not talk about others behind their back

* Do not betray others trust to you

* Ask forgiveness from Allah and person who you do wrong with, or even you do not know what is wrong with them but its okay to lower your ego and say "I am sorry,from the bottom of my heart". 


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