03 May 2012

Terima Kasih #3

I have nothing to do after the lab session this evening and just lazying around the bad. While I am about to start dreaming (because I don't want to sleep after Asar today hihihi) then I heard vibrating sound from my phone. I was too lazy to check the phone and I let the phone vibrates alone.

Then I heard someone is shouting my name outside the room and knocked the door. It was Hot carrying 2 plastic bags. I thought, this must be from WZYX again. Duhhh

And I was wrong..Somebody gave me something to ask my apology. Haish..why so serious man? I refused to take it but Hot insisted me to take even give it to my roomates..

So,to the person that gave me the cake. Thank you. May Allah bless you. Maybe I am too emotional and kinda sensitive about little jokes and sarcasm words. For me, what is in the blog, leave it in the blog. Because I am not write to please anyone, I write for the sake of self satisfaction only.

chilled Mango Cheesecake (note the icy surface of the cake,drooling)
images credit to blurry camera of my bb

Maybe its true, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus...

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