26 August 2012

Random Photo #21

Random updates about moi..

#Raya was not that happening like it used to be. Even got various dishes to swallow but still 'something' has missing during last raya but I don't know what.

#Along only stayed at home for 5-6days which are 3 days before and 3 days after raya. And tomorrow Adik will going back to her hostel. Home Alone Season 12 starts again :"(

#Managed to make Kek Lapis Masam Manis and Kek Batik for raya..and not to forget Chocolate Cheese Cake too!

#Too many friends and relatives that decided to tie the knot after raya

#My close cousins (2 person) will get married soon! Next raya will not gonna be same anymore :"( Hilang geng Back Street Boys zaman 90-an dulu. Tinggal aku dengan Along sahaja yang belum kawin dalam geng BSB tu :"(

#Life is getting complicated day by day, but i will never give up to strive the best in my life

#I am definitely not ready to start my new semester next 2 weeks :"(

#Still earn some duit raya this year

#I am turning 22nd in 3 months

#I really love my BFF like I love my family because they understand me well

#Thanks Allah for giving me chance to complete my Ramadhan,and I pray that we will gonna meet next Ramadhan with a healthy body and mind insha Allah.

 mata nak terpejam,tudung terpeleot= TRADEMARK YOURS TRULY!!
First Raya at my home sweet home :)

Ustaz IM (berangan) ft. Dato' Dr A (realiti)


Nies Hanna said...

Gotcha!! The cat behind u

a's said...

#Nies Hanna hahaha ada kisah di sebalik kucing itu