02 October 2012

Life According To A

This 3rd year study as a Biotechnology student is not that easy like what I assumed before. Starting from the first day I touched down here and started my lecture, my everyday schedule is pack with lectures and laboratory works.

I just cannot imagine how I can keep my pace in constant throughout the semester until graduate if I need to face this alone! Credit goes to all my friends that keep on giving me positive vibes and lend me some hands to get together facing this hectic semester no matter what.Jazakallahu khairan kasira.

Not to forget,the thing that happened to my life recently that somehow affected my emotional level too much this few weeks. Allah has a great plan for me, that's all I can say. May Allah forgive me for what I have done all this while and give more chance for me to reflect myself and repent to the right path.. :"(

I am having a rough time now,but Allah still gives His Mercy towards me in many different ways. Alhamdulillah....

I always believe that:

'For everything you lose, you gain something else. For everything you gain, you lose something else.'-Quoted

May Allah bless us and ease our things everyday. Allahumma yassir wala tua'ssir


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