11 October 2012

Quick Update #20

Currently updating this blog live from Proteomics Laboratory,Kuliyyah of Science.
A hectic life begins since the day I started my 3rd year studies as undergraduate student here. I am not brag,nor whining but this is the truth. And yesterday we have started our first 24 hour laboratory session ever in life!!

 image credit to Mr F's instagram
our workstation for Group 5 after 12 hours. Still neat and clean

We need to incubate the culture>centrifuge>dilute>vortex>read the absorbance and etc. The cycle continue until 7.50pm today for my group.

I need extra energy and courage from HIM to face this. Thanks to my teammates for the cooperation and big applause goes to our only male teammate who stayed up all night until this morning. Thank you! May we got the best results for this experiment.

image credit to Wawa's instagram
spot the hungry me in black.Having our dinner outside the laboratory (corridor)

I got my 2nd tennis class this evening, and an assignment to make a video presentation which the due date is this friday,and 3 lab reports to finish and finally 1 mid semester exam next week!

May Allah ease everything,I am not that strong to face this alone :"(

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