14 November 2012

14 November

Even I am not that excited for this year birthday,but deep inside me I am thankful to Allah for his Mercy towards me. This might due to aging factor that lessen my excitement years by years.hihihi jk!

I still have this opportunity to breath as Allah lend me another year to explore the world that was created by Him with such magnificent creatures. I am officially 22 years old today while most of my friends are already excited to turn 23rd but I am still this 'little'. #np Little thing-OneD hihihi

Thanks for all the warm wishes from my parents, siblings, family, lovely one, BFF, Geng Samseng,KWW friends and others. May Allah bless us all.

Praying hard that I can be a better Muslim
A good daughter
An excellent student with soft skills :P
An amanah scientist insha Allah
Have full package of wife-to-be & "isteri Mithali"
And a member of Jannah.

p/s: will update later about what had happened on 14th November later.this is scheduled post :)

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