15 November 2012

Turning 22nd #1

I almost got teary eyes when all the girls make a surprise celebration for my birthday on 14th November, 0000hour.

The story begins by the plan from my lovely roomate to go for some bowling session with the girls. Since she had requested for this bowling session together quite sometime, so I am doing her favor for the sake of making my roomate happy :)

 my lovely roomate,the specky one

Then off we went to Megamall for bowling session. There were 9 people of us. Before playing bowling,we went for dinner at this one cafe. For god sake I will never went there after this! The food served there was lousy and tasteless! I think I can cook better than them even I only ate Penang Kuay Teow Goreng for that night! That is the simplest meal that u can nail it,dear cooker! You are not a chef,but you are only a cooker or spoiler? grrrr

 Miss Herbalife; Farhana & Miss Gangster Munk

Miss Arsenal Dian

Since I want to go to Famous Amous to buy something sweet,I dragged along Mun to accompany me since she wanted to buy the cookies as well. The rest of the girls went to bowling but unfortunately after me and Mun went to bowling place,they were not there! And the funny thing is I believed on them that claimed they were having stomachache after having meals at the cafe and they went straight away to restroom and people were queue in the restroom. And all 7 of them were having stomachache! And I believe it. How silly I am? Yes this is my weaknesses,easy to believe on people. But sometime it is good tho :D

The truth was the 7 of them went to bakery shop and bought me a cake! Then miss roomate and Sherry went all the way to parking lot to keep the cake in Iffah's car instead. That's explains why my roomate was a bit late to meet up with us at the bowling place.

Since all lanes for bowling was fully booked on that night,so we decided to have some unwind session at the arcade. Playing games like the old days during our school time. It was fun to have such girls who knows how to rock the night in a right way according to our religion guidelines.

 The girls,without me in the picture :"(

Pilih lagu berbagai-bagai padahal sejam sajo sesi karok nye pun adoiii


CikYes & Munk

Sopannya anak dara ni :D

"Someone like you...."

Gotcha!! penonton tegar

Sherry dan lagu Bola-bola api??

We decided to have more fun by having karaoke session at the mall. We reserved a VIP room for 9 of us. It was weird at first, because all of us wearing such decent attire but went to karaoke place and most of the people there (on that night) was obviously not from planet earth! They were from Pluto! hahahaha..wearing wig, heavy make up, transparent top,etc. All of us just gave that weird look at those people while deep inside me I was praying that we were safe there. Just for one hour,we sang like no one business!

The girls made me sang a song ALONE! They do the tricks! All my close friends knew the fact that I hate karaoke, even if among the girls only. I never sing in front of people due to low self esteem perhaps. But not on that night!! I sang Backstreet boys song-As Long As You Love Me! I got tricked!!

Overall,we were very happy during that karaoke session. Everyone singing,dancing,shouting? hahahaha..All the stress suddenly disappear on that night......

Done part I.
To be continued...............


Nies Hanna said...

I can't wait for the 2nd part!!

munira said...

olololo.... comey!!! boleh karok lg lps ni

a's said...

#Nies Hanna

a's said...

hahaha okay next karaoke session lama sikit please!