20 November 2012

Turning 22nd #2

Continue from the first part,

We arrived at hostel at 11.30pm on that night after the karaoke session. The most toughest thing to encounter when you have car at this hostel is to find a parking lot! It is just like you want to search for a diamond in a mud! We took few minutes to find a parking lot then my friend from Russia called. Thank you for calling me and be the first person to wish my birthday!

After few minutes on the phone with him, I rushed back to my room to perform my Isyak prayer since it almost 12 am already. My roomate also rushed to go to restroom since we were in that karaoke place. At first,I did not expect 'something' from my roomate or anyone since we have already hang out together all night. I am so happy on that night,so I assumed it was a great pre-birthday celebration for me.

But the girls being sweeter than ever by making a birthday surprise for me once again!!

Back to the stroy, I went to restroom with my roomate. I saw her enter the restroom but when I want to take my ablution,she already missing. I thought she already at our room. But unfortunately when I back to my room,she was not there.

Being too innocent on that night,I thought she was at Farhana & Jibah's room to do laboratory report or something urgent. Then I perform my Isyak prayer. After make some special du'a to my Creator for lending me another year to live,I took off my telekung.

Suddenly I heard my another roomate's phone ringing. It is kinda weird because usually her phone rarely rang after midnight. A few minutes after that,I heard something like keys sound. Then someone knocked the door.

I rushed to open the door and here you go..............................

9 girls in front of the door,one of them which is Dian whose holding a very beautiful cake while singing "Happy Birthday" song for me out loud!
I got teary eyes at that time,it was my first time to have such birthday surprise from the girls since I never studied in boarding school before so I only enjoy celebrating my birthday with my parents and siblings only.

I feel like want to hug each of them but then they asked me to blow the candles fast so I forgot about the hugging part T__T

Thank you for the cake!

There is a 'reason' why they put my name as Anna Sweety..-_________-"

We ate the cake together,with my another roomate. The fact is,she was being told by this birthday surprise planner not to open the door before, they want me to open it instead. So the plan was succesfully accomplished!

Big thanks to the planner,Farhana & Hanis with all the girls. They just made my life brighter. We enjoy girls chatting on that night at my room. Even it was too packed with people but it was amazingly fun!! We chat,laugh,eat until 1am and they asked to leave with the reason of "birthday girl nak layan orang lain pulak". Senget betul ayat kamu tu wahai Farhana the twin!

Overall,I was happy on that night and always be happy when it comes to spending my precious time with the girls. Alhamdulillah for this nikmat.Hugs and kisses goes to my GFF since CFS,Sri for the birthday gift!! I love the chocolate even if it is latte in flavour :p

I am bless for having such sweet girlfriends like this and thank you Allah for this memorable birthday celebration.May Allah bless us all.

To be continued....


Wahida said...

ehem, ada apa2 ke dgn russian boy tu..ehem ehem..

sri said...

oh gosh i seriously forgot that u can't consume caffeine!!!!! -__-"

a's said...

#kak Wahida
hahahah mestilah takdop gapo-gapo!

T___T since it is chocoloate, so I ate it like nothing can harm me.tp rasa pening2 jugak after that.hahaha btw thank you lenglui!