03 November 2012

Meatballs & Short meeting with her

This outing about last two weeks and today I feel like blogging (even I have like 3 subjects to cover before Monday but the evil wins this time. Let just take few minutes to blog, okay? *comforting myself*)

It was last minute plan by moi. Hihihi but finally I can meet this Penang Matriculation best friend after awhile. Almost 3-4 years we never met. Only keep in touch via social network. How technology benefits us on that, huh?

Along has trying so hard to please me during that weekends since I have been craving for burger bakar Abang Burn and IKEA meatballs plus chilled apple cake like for an ages! To be a good big sister, she had fulfilled my wishes on that weekends! I am one happy kid yeay!

We went to IKEA after got back from Kuala Lumpur Convention Center for Along and her friends job fair. It is specialized in financial service industry which I have no idea about their field. When people approach me,I will try to hide or pretend like I did not see them so that I do not have to answer their question or even drop my resume. But it was a great exposure for me. Some of the companies did offer schoolarship and few vacancies in Biotechnology tho. So I got my eyes open a bit on that day :D

the tag :)

the entrance

thanks for the treat Along! Mocha Frapp San Francisco

I met Yana on that day with her Kelantanese friends. They went to IKEA just for the meatballs and Yana wanted to meet me then they rushed to football stadium for the big match between  Kelantan and ATM on that day.


the most craving one and I wallop 14 ot of 20 pieces of this thing! FTW!!

 Can you see the icy bit of the cake? Indulgence!

image credit to Yana's IG

After 3 years, she turned out to be prettier and sweeter! <3>

Afterall I had a wonderful weekends with my friend and sister. I can finally optimized my limited time in KL wisely. But I feel a bit frustrated since I cannot manage to meet Syifa' before she get back to Egypt. Sobb :"(

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