01 November 2012

Random #29

I just realized that today is already 1st November after scrolling down the timeline in Twitter.How fast the time flies huh? This week is the most hectic week ever for this semester since I got few mid sem exams of killer subjects! I just mess up another paper this evening which is Bioinformatics subject :"(

 i just miss the old 'me'

November,the month of Me! But not for this year..I don't feel like having fun or enjoying myself at all which is so not me! I supposed to love November like I love myself yesteryears.Maybe I just missed my November mood anywhere.

Hello November!
Be nice with me even I am not in the mood of anything.


p/s: I made a great improvement today during tennis practical class. Thanks to Papa R for being such fatherly coach for us! And I am having back pain now -___-" plus sleepy head since I slept for 3hours only this morning (so-called-night)

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