13 January 2013


Mungkin ni cerita basi,berlaku pada 13th December 2012 yang lalu. Annual Grand Dinner yang diadakan untuk meraikan senior-senior 4th Year yang bakal menamatkan pembelajaran mereka semester ini mahupun semester akan datang.

It was held at Grand Continental Kuantan Hotel with the theme Masquerede and Elegance!

Enjoy the pictures,since I am the only Female Official Photographer of the night. A very first paid job for event cover under my university. Alhamdulillah for the rezk...Before this,I only do freelance and not being paid. Just for the sake of doing favor and wanna train myself to play with different lighting and setting in every event either indoor or outdoor and at night :)

Random: I should start making another 'tabung' in order for me to buy new lens. But I think,I need to wait for another 2 years at least if I want to buy my dream lens since I have no intention to take any wedding job during holidays.So,where I can get extra income then?hahaha...I got one wedding job in May but unfortunately I am gonna have my final exam in May so I refused to take the job. Semoga ada rezk lain di masa akan datang.Amin.

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