20 February 2013

Engagement Hakim & Shila

It was a great opportunity for me to gain experience through this ceremony after few years never take photos for a paid event. It was Kak Wahida's job,I was tagging along with her since I am at hometown last CNY break.

Thank you Kak Wahida for inviting me to be the official photographer for that day! <3 font="">

p/s: coincidentally we wore same denim top. Like Kak Wahida said,it will be our official shirt when doing job.Luls :p

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 Photo by Wahida Onizuka
Edited by me
 Photo by Wahida Onizuka
Edited by me

Congratulation Hakim & Shila on your engagement!
May Allah ease the journey to marriage until jannah..


Wahida said...

ok fine, gambar ini sgt cantik sangat22222...anna, kak wahida dah buat anna jadi admin utk page photography k.wahida (Grapixa) tu..boleh x kalau nak minta anna upload kan gambar-gambar ni kat facebook tu?

Nor Hazwan Hanif said...

cantik. well done my sisters

Useriez said...

untung la depa jadi OP..

a's said...

done! thank you for giving me this opportunity :)

a's said...

#Nor Hazwan Hanif
thank you big brother! still tak boleh lawan brothers yg bnyk job laaa :'(

a's said...

untunglah depa jadi engineer :p