18 February 2013

Cuti Semester #5

This time around,I cooked for leisure only and not as a routine like previous holiday. Maybe I need enough rest after struggling myself during final examination weeks that took about almost a month to finish. This is the risk of last minute study. Do not follow me,kids!

I managed to bake a chocolate puff! Some of the puff did not 'puff' like it supposed to be but some were beautiful! Hihihi siapa lagi nak puji masakan sendiri kalau bukan diri sendiri kan? I always had a bad feeling about baking,because I just hate to measure the ingredients and such. Unlike cooking,it is more easier and flexible for you to adjust the amount of ingredients with your preference using your own taste bud. Clearly, I love cooking more than baking!

And this is my first trial of baking that use oven. Usually I use steamer as an alternative to bake my layer cake. The verdict: Mommy said it is yummy and she wondered how I make such delicious puff since I haven't try it before. All credit goes to Akmar and her recipe. It is so easy than I ever imagine!! Thanks Akmar for your courage and simple recipe for a newbie like me :p

"puff"-ing in the oven
Random shape of my first batch without chocolate filing. Forgot to take photo with the filing -__-
 Caramel pudding
 I used brown sugar rather than normal white sugar.
simplest Malay dish:  taugeh goreng bersama udang,lobak merah dan daun kucai
Daging goreng blackpepper
 My Siakap Steam :)
Spaghetti bolognese with my homemade chicken balls

At the end of the day,I still enjoy cooking Malay cuisines rather than baking :p Maybe my passion is not there yet...

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