14 February 2013

Cuti Semester #4

This outing was held about 2 weeks back. My Geng Samseng (part of them) and I went to Sungai Petani for some leisure photo outing besides meeting my friends who's staying at Penang (main land).

We had our lunch together at one of the new mall in Sungai Petani then continue with bowling session. It was kinda weird for all of us when the bowling center is empty! Excitedly paid for the fee of 1 game and we were split into 2 groups and the battle begun. We used 2 lanes and alternately playing using both lanes. Unfortunately, the system of that bowling center is at very poor level. We needed to change lane for 3 times until we can really play the game. Pffttt....

photo credit to: Ron Hazwan Hanif

As we finished playing bowling,then we headed to nearest mamak to have some drink before we went to the place for photo outing and while my friends headed back to Penang.

photo credit to: IM
The place for that photo outing is nice,and really calming. Thanks bangoh for driving us on that day. And all pictures below credit to bangoh. I usually keep my gears in my bag when going out with my photography friends since I want to be in the picture, plus their gears are too awesome and plenty!! I think they can buy Viva car with cash with such amount of money they spent to buy those gears.huhuhu..

All photos above credit to: IM

On the next 2 days, again the part of Geng Samseng gather at one steamboat restaurant at Perlis. We ate until maghrib and I went to Kak Wahida's house to play with Aishah and visit her new renovate house.

photo credit to: Hazuan Hasnan

photo credit to: Ron Hazwan Hanif

Till we meet again later guys! Gonna miss all of you :)

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