07 February 2013

Cuti Semester #3

I always missed my family vacation since I become a student of this international university in Malaysia. So both parents trying to be fair and planning some short getaway during last Maulud Nabi day off plus the weekends break. Because it is only 3 days break and I do not think it is a best idea to bring my parents to somewhere out of Malaysia with such short notice like that,so here we go to Penang again. I can feel like it is a MUST for me to visit Penang whenever I got back to my hometown because I just love the food there! :D

I have decided to bring my parents and little sister to Penang Hill since I heard that the new train is already work. I was there once somewhere in 2008 when Along was staying in Penang and I stayed with her about a month after my SPM. I was so happy on that time to be Along's helper! Everyday I will do some house chores and cooking. Then watching Akademi Fantasia while waiting for Along to come back home after work and she will fetch me and went somewhere and ate something nice outside. 

Back to the recent day,we went to Penang just for 2 days and 1 night. This time around,I am the one who drove all the way from Kedah to Penang. Awesome! My first time driving around Penang Island which popular with its massive traffic and unethical drivers. Plus there is one long road which is fully occupied with booth for Thaipusam celebration and its kinda contribute to traffic congestion.

Penang Hill these days are totally different with my first visit in 2008. The temperature is no longer chill like before even we were already at the very top of the hill. But when I ride a buggy ride,the wind is quite chill. Apart from that, there are few bistro and food court that serve good food. My family had very tasty Dried Char Kuay Teow up on the hill and my parents seems really satisfied with the food.

A very unique car,found it on ferry heading to island :)

Ticket's bar code scanning
 New train,faster and colder :p
Only take 5-10minutes to reach the top of hill
 Nice view from top of the hill

Dried Char Kuay Teow full with prawns.yummy!!

Sky Terrace

 Bistro,with live band playing nice song

 Buggy ride, RM30 for 20minutes ride touring the hill

Nice ride huh? Sponsored by PETRONAS

 100 years old post box

Monkey Cup Park. RM10 per entrance for adult.

1 of 30 bungalows there

 200 years old bungalow. Still neat and nice

 Cloudy Penang Island's view; on top right: it is Penang Bridge guys!

 moi,the little traveler

We had buggy ride and toured the hill.There are almost 30 bungalows and some of them was built 20-200 years back but still in good condition and there were people who live there until now! Amazing!

The return train ticket prices for visitor to go up to Penang Hill:
(Adult) My Card = RM 8.00,
(Adult) My Card + Student Card: RM 4.00
(Senior Citizen) My Card = RM 4.00
(Child) My Kid= RM 4.00 

(Adult) without My Card= RM 30.00
(Senior Citizen) without My Card = RM 30.00
(Child) without My Kid = RM 15.00
FREE for disabled person!

For more information about Penang Hill,please visit this website http://www.penanghill.gov.my/
Visit Malaysia! :)

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