05 February 2013

Environment Biotechnology

Alhamdulillah,I made it to be at Kuantan last monday at 6.12am. The first class of this semester has begun yesterday. It was Biodiversity class by Prof AJKC who is very cool in person and give clear explanation about the lecture but he talks too fast! I need to reinstall my rapping skills once again so that I can understand him well in future :p

This semester and coming 2 semesters gonna be different. All Kami Warna-Warni kids were split into 3 different concentration which are Environment, Food and Marine. I already miss my 6 serangkai in class buddies :'( Hope they are doing fine in their concentration as well. When the class representative had launched another Facebook group for Envi Kids yesterday, the sadness strikes me. Kita semua dah berpecah, akan merindui kawan-kawan KWW! 

Apart from that, I can see my future in this concentration already :p I am gonna be totally busy!! Prof AJKC had stated that there are 4 places that we will give a visit through out the semester for sampling purposes. And today, it was a great first time experience for me and my classmates because we have Law class via video conference!! Since the lecturer is from Main Campus in Gombak, we are required to have our class via video conference, 3hours every week and the most exciting thing is we will have a visit at Law Library in Gombak Main Campus after mid break and it is compulsory! Plus, we will have a movie time about environmental issues and laws,then we need to do some review about the movie and it will be included in our CAM as well!! Woooottttt! Its gonna be fun to learn something that is totally different from my stream.

Us in conference room. Hi Lecturer!
picture courtesy: Instagram @fathikedah

The seats like in cinema!
Picture courtesy: Instagram @niesbad

Say hi to the camera :p
Picture courtesy: Instagram @hazirahdian

I just love this lecturer suddenly :)
Picture courtesy: Instagram @niesbad

Hopefully I have made the best decision in life since both parents let me do this decision alone and according to my interest.My mom always said that I have 'green hand' since I was a kid,insha Allah I am gonna do my best for the sake of seeking knowledge and help to save the world!

p/s: I am going back to Kedah tomorrow night until Tuesday :)

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