03 February 2013

Cuti Semester #2

Two days full during the first week of this holiday,I become a big boss cums interior advisor cums 'pengawas' a.k.a mak guard of this house since both parents busy with work during day and adik was too busy with her sewing class and driving class. Hence, yours truly become the mayor of the house since mom had instructed some people to make small renovation.

It was uncomfortable to be at the house,with 3 foreign guys. Their boss was there with the 2 workers all the time but still I am the only lady in the house. Alhamdulillah nothing happened and they do their work accordingly. I was 'mati kutu' for both days since they need to disassemble the tv and everything from the wall in order to do their job. Thanks to Running Man because 'accompanied' me that day :p

this is a laser equipment for measuring the wall and reflect a long straight line as a reference. Cool! First time tengok benda canggih ni,batak lebih..luls!

Say Goodbye! to kapur penanda dan pambaris.


Ibunda's obsession,sighhh

p/s: I'm going back to Kuantan tonight.sobs!! Goodbye for a while heaven on earth :'(


Othman. F. said...

Wehhh cantiknyaaa bila dah siap nanti *dah dapat bayangkan* hehe

a's said...

#Othman. F.
tak cantik pun! hahaha aku tak suka tp mak aku suka so bior jela asalkan beliau happy..luls :p