31 January 2013

Cuti Semester #1

Cuti dah nak habis,baru boleh update apa yang aku buat sepanjang cuti ni. Terasa sedikit bosan sebab BFF masing-masing di luar kawasan,lepastu university hamba sangat sukakan kelainan dengan memberi cuti yang amat ciput serta jarang sekali sama dengan university lain. Sigh...nasib lah,nak complain pun tak guna, just face it with strong heart jelah,ikhlaskan niat nak study dan grad cepat-cepat mengikut study plan. Amin

My examination over on 11th January at 6pm and I went back to my hometown on 15th January 2013. I got the chance to fill my 4 days to the max by spending my time with lovely friends and of course my Along.

I went to Cherating on 12th,then stayed at my Aunt's house at Taman Sri Mahkota Aman,Kuatan for a night before I proceed my journey to KL alone :)

Along fetch me at Pekeliling as she was on her way back from Marriot,Putrajaya after attending her friend's wedding back in Indiana University few years back. Her friend tagged along with us since she live at Setiawangsa.

Being a spoiled-not-so-little-sister, Along had fulfilled my craving on Burger Bakar Abang Burn as she drove me to Ampang just to tapau some burger for me. Sometime Along being nice on her own way. I love you Along :p 

Then we ate the food that we had tapau together while catching up with each other life. Along went to sleep early than ever due to full packed activity that was so tiring. I was left alone and enjoying the full speed of Unifi by watching Youtube like none business. I am blessed :)

On the next day, I have a date with Miss BFF since she is now staying at her sister's place doing some part time job in Selangor. So, here we go! We went for shopping until my stomach feel uneasy then we went back at 5pm from KLCC. It was the food that I ate from The Manhattan Fish Market earlier at Pavillion that made my stomach uneasy and I thrown up trice right after I reached Along's place! Thanks Allah I managed to stay strong and hold on until I reached home, or else I'm gonna be the first person to throw up at KLCC or maybe in LRT? yucksss

The last day I was at KL for this semester break was on 15th. I was cooking 'macaroni goreng' in the morning before checking out from Along's place at noon and met her to give the house key.Went to airport and flew back to Kedah Darul Peace :D

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