28 January 2013

Great Teacher TR

I have been wondering and planning to write about this lecturer of mine since last December but since last semester was the most hectic semester for me and fellas,so I have to forget about writing this entry for a while until I touch down at hometown. 

Back to the story, there is one lecturer in my Kuliyyah who's become least favourite by most of the students,either from seniors or juniors. Maybe the way he conducts the class make students scared like a rat and only nodded when he said anything in class. Students only "Listen! Listen! Listen!" but did not have such courage to argue with full of respect and manner with him.

But not for our batch.Most of us did like him. I personally adore his knowledge almost about everything!! Even though he has major in Medical related courses,but he has deep knowledge in Photography too! He impressed me and my classmates when he told us about the old time when he do experiment in laboratory and capture picture using analogue camera and develop the negative film using some liquid. He even explained in details about the process and why film is called 'negative'. I adore his passion towards appreciating knowledge in this world!

Besides that,he also never forget to relate everything that we learned in the syllabus with our religion.Most amazing thing that I like the most about this lecturer is,he will come to class with empty handed but he is capable to give 3 hours lecture non-stop with 100% informative lecture and of course not deviate from our syllabus or related with any political issues or such.Oh,I forgot to introduce that he is not Malaysian,but he is from Bangladesh with high enthusiasm in teaching and always provoke his students to argue with him in order to cultivate the courage in students and not to be typical Malaysian students who always say "Yes" to everything that their lecturers said even if they have their very own fresh idea about such topics.Indeed, the best teachers are those who open for suggestions and willing to discuss ideas with students.

I agreed that he has fierce look,very strict person in class, hardly to smile, very punctual and hate students who come late to class, has strong aura that make students scared, love to practice minus marking during examination (*there some seniors who got negative during examination,sobs) but few weeks before lecture weeks ended last semester, I found the platinum in him. (instead of Diamond like Rihanna said :p ).

Truly,he is such a great teacher for me.Not only for the subject related in my course but 'teacher' in my life. He taught us about being descipline with time and etc. I am so grateful to have the chance to be his student even if it is only for about one semester. I would accept any marks given by HIM and him during my final examination last few weeks because it is already written that is the rezk for me. But the opportunity to know him and be one of his students that is really matter for me.

May Allah grants you with good life in dunia and akhirat Assc. Prof. Dr. TR.

p/s: excuse my grammar mistakes that are 'pop-up' every where -__-'

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