26 January 2013

Cherating Getaway

Last semester,I got the chance to go to Cherating twice. The first getaway was so unplanned and the second trip was so-called a farewell celebration for our senior or senpai. 

Cherating was good,with fine sands and nice breeze during my both trips. The sands there is pure and natural,not like the one at Teluk Cempedak which is half-man made beach.

Beach is always be my favorite place to unwind and put aside all the problems in this world while listen to the waves of water crashing a long the shore.Every time I go to the beach, I often pick up a small stick or anything that I find interesting. It is such a wonderful feeling to play at the boundless shore.

During my first visit to Cherating, which is somewhere in March,I found that this place has no big different with Teluk Cempedak but I realized that I was wrong during my second visit last December. I enjoy myself playing with the sands and luckily I got best companion during both visit in December which obviously changed my perspective completely.

 Thank you! :)

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