07 March 2013

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan Edisi Kuantanamo #12

Sara Thai Kitchen
Location: Near Citiview Hotel, Kuantan
Rank: 3 and 1/2 stars

It was planned by Hanis, Yana & Kenny and suddenly 25 of KWW friends shown up on that night and we have a very huge 'open table'. It is nice to spend some time with KWW kids since we just love to eat together but still have some physical boundary between ladies and gent. Unfortunately I was 'unwell' on that day due to some matters that disturb my emotion & mind until I lost my appetite a bit. Thanks to my friends for the pictures.(randomly passed my camera around the table and asked them to take the pictures while I am not in the mood of doing anything or even eating)

The total bill for that night,for 25 person is rm504.60!!! And the funny part was everyone started to count every cents before left and paid according to respective table since every table ordered different menu. Too bad the restaurant did not accept debit card,so we have to count,collect money manually.Cute!
Looking forward for many dinner/getaway with KWW after this!

Abe waiter tengah ambil order,sampai kena duduk semeja sebab ramai sangat :p
 Kembar #1 :p
Happy Kids!
Kembar #2
Awe-Awe :p
Wawa :)
Sayur campur (sederhana)- RM10 ***tak ingat
Udang goreng tepung (sederhana)- RM10
Even tepung macam goreng cucur dia punya tebal,tapi bread crumb tu buat udang goreng tepung ni super sedap dimakan bersama sos thai homemade itu..drooling!
Kerabu Mangga (kecil)- RM6
Ayam Masak Gajus (sederhana)- RM 10 ***tak ingat

Tomyam campur (sederhana)- RM10 ***tak ingat
Tak menepati anak tekak sebab terlampau masam dan pekat macam kari mamak Penang :(
Kenyang perut suka hati excluding me :")

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