09 March 2013

I am sorry.....

This gonna be so random post so please bear with my writing or stop reading right now :p

 My current addiction,don"t blame me for this 3 packs of dried cranberries for a week ration
My 'henna' made by Sherry with black-ink pen

When I tried to call Abah today,it made me realized that I have neglected so many things this few weeks. Especially my own self,my love ones but I only focus to be with Him most of the time. I am weak than never. I only ask Him to heal me but I forgot about the fact that I got so many precious human being around me that I can share my hardship with.Indeed, we need to seek HIM first whenever we are at the top or bottom  but that does not mean that we have to leave everything in this world completely.Why do I  neglect them and being so helpless?

Abah said to me:
"Where have you been this 2 weeks? I have been waiting for your call but unfortunately you already forgot my presence I guess"

I got teary eyes when I heard those words came out from my only man on earth that always pampered and spoiled me whenever he can! I just have no answer to his killer question.

After a long silent, I replied
"Angah sick.."

Ya Allah, what just happened to me! I am being injustice to my dad! I only seek YOU when I am at my lowest but my parents need to be among the most important people to know my condition too. Maybe I am too devoted or we can call it an obsession towards something. When I face difficulty, I asked HIM to ease my journey but I forgot that I got my lovely family that always at my back.

I am sorry for being injustice towards you,Abah
Angah loves you :'(

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