28 March 2013

Random #33

This gonna be random post about my life recently...........

# Alhamdulillah for everything that Allah had granted to my mom and big sister.Mom got promoted to the next level in her salary grade while Along got her 'durian runtuh' and me & adik got some of 'tempias' as well. Alhamdulillah, never stop praying dhuha for better rezk for family and myself. Insha Allah,istiqamah

#Takziah to my aunt,for the lost of his beloved husband last Tuesday at 1200 hour. We just met, chat & ate together last Sunday night and he sent us off at KL Sentral on that night because me,adik,mom and my another aunt went to Ipoh by ETS to meet my dad there. Allah is Great,and He loves him more than us do. Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham Ahamd Radzi. You will always be in our heart and in our du'a :'(

#My Paksu and Maksu in Perak keep complaining about my sudden weight lost and I just can deny it with a smile because I never weigh my weight for awhile and I don't know if I really lost some weight or it is just an illusion.I will eat whenever I feel hungry,if not I will munch dried cranberries only.

#Paksu gave me one amanah,which I must take it seriously. Its about life, and my future.Nothing related to money or asset but its all about my decision for future instead. And when I think of it, its kinda give me some pressure but I know that is my responsibility as an adult and I should consider it as an amanah from one of my wali.

#Successfully drove over KL city for 3 consecutive days! Weehoo... This is due to Along's condition that need her to rest after doing lasik last Friday. Hence, I need to drive and be mak supir for her and my mom for the rest of last weekends. That is a great kick start for an outsider like me, not live in KL. I learned the short route to Kampung Baru, Jalan Tun Ismail (my Along's office), Central Market, Jalan TAR, Damansara, Petaling Jaya, KL Sentral, Gombak, Wangsa Maju. Tap my shoulder,good job Anna as a beginner :p

#Had a great weekends in KL,isolated myself from any social networks for 2-3 days (except IG). Feel so alive when you have a life like normal human being. Enjoying great food around KL and of course shopped until drop. Thanks Mak :D 

#My best buddy from Gombak sleep over at my Along's place last weekends and we had a very long pillow talk together. Thanks for your time dear! And of course I met my another bff yesterday too since she is already in Kedah for a week vacation. Missing her a lot!

#This mid semester break is so different than last one. I feel the difference but I cannot do anything. May Allah helps me and granted my du'a...

#Chin up,but never miss to ask HIM the favor by du'a

p/s: loud inside

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