19 March 2013

Lifetime Experience #2

Being not-a-sports-girl like me, it is hard to see me at any sports game since school.luls. Oh I remember,during my primary school until secondary school I only involved with the marching that leads VIP upon their arrival! That was my permanent job since primary school. Hahaha, so I attend sports day for the sake of that thing.

When I entered matriculation college,KMPP, we were forced to take any skills class as our co-curriculum subject and it contributes in our CGPA later. During those days, I was overwhelmed to try something new and never had a chance to try it before. Again, all the sports in this world are included except badminton and bowling since Abah always asked us play with him since young. Even if I am not master in both games,but I have basic knowledge about them. More than enough than being a totally 'kaki & tangan bangku'.

Hence, I decided to start learning golf during my matriculation time. It was fun to play golf and I already got the rhythm by the 2nd week of training. We were taught about basic grip, types of club, body posture and etc. I was among the top list of the girls who can play basic during 2nd class. And suddenly I got the offer from CFS and I have missed my golf learning class for that. Until now,I only know the basic skills to play golf, but I have no idea how the score would be. Pathetic -__-

Same goes to my Mandarin class. I have learned Mandarin since 10 years old. But on that time,my laoshi only stress on writing instead of communication. And too bad my parents wanted me to go to other tuition center which has no Mandarin class and my lesson stuck there. But I did continue my lesson during my first year in undergrad study.This time around, my class is more concentrate on communication instead of writing. I only went to that class ONCE due to Ramadhan and I don't want to miss tarawikh at masjid for that class. On that time,I need to walk about 1km per way to class and it was at night! So I need to choose between dunia or akhirat. Hence my lesson stop there again.

This time around,for my 3rd year skills class I choose tennis as my preference. Even there is some other classes that not need you to play under the sun such as (Entrepreneur, Community Service, Counseling class), but I dare myself to try something new again. I have made this decision during ta'ruf week (orientation week) when the seniors explain about this skills class.

And here I am,second semester taking this class. Tennis is a very polite game that high with etiquette. For the time being,after 1 semester of learning basic skills how to play tennis, I only can give quite a nice service but I AM BAD IN RETURNING SERVICE BALL. -___-  Since the problem is quite sever, I need to practice often.And luckily I have partner for this and we hit the ball for 2 hours last friday morning early at 7am. It was great,and clearly I need lots of practice in coming days.

Diakhiri dengan gambar matahari terbit yang wow! SubhanAllah :')

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