08 April 2013


I am not the type of person that can bottle up my feelings. I have to let it out in one way or another. Through photos, deep conversation with people i have trust on, and mostly through the Almighty.Besides,I will scroll over time line in Twitter and tumblr when I feel bored and nothing else to do.Sounds pathetic huh? But that are my favorite past time activities :p I love to reblog anything that portray my emotion on that time. I am expressive because it just hurting me too much to keep it inside.Because Allah knows what is the best for me and when its best for me to have it..

Tawakkul is having full faith that Allah will take care of you—even when things look impossible."—Yasmin Mogahed

This storm shall pass sooner or later and clear skies will return, perhaps with a rainbow that will color up my life

And I will be waiting for it patiently..................


Useriez said...

ni kat krabi ka??

a's said...

ni Miami,apa barang krabi..luls