27 April 2013

In love

Alhamdulillah,Praise to Allah for his Mercy & Love.
I am currently happy with all the decision I made,that make me today. After a huge 'hurricane' in my life,I am finally settle down at almost the end of my undergraduate studies. I do not know what will happened in future or maybe tomorrow but what I have and did today is the best that I can do and I will not make it to waste.

I realized that our parents blessing is important in life,but if you have better thought about something you can voice it out with manners and insha Allah you will be heard. I love what I am studying right now, I am not regret of rejecting the offer to change course, I am not regret of being and Environmental Biotechnology student. All praise to Allah for giving me guidance and help me a lot when I am in misery to make big decision in my life. Seriously, I love what I am doing right now.

Being an Environmental Biotech students, we need to spend more time outside of the class rather than others. We will meet the nature more frequent and do sampling which is my interest since kid. I will spend hours in jungle nearby my late tokwan's house every Friday (since all the cousins including me will go back to hometown every Friday and have bonding time together on that time). I was raised in a place where the nature is still undisturbed. And I am lucky to have such exposure since young and love the nature most when others keep busy playing with dolls and video game :)

Enough said. Below are some of pictures that were taken during educational trip to Biodiversity Institute, Department of Wildlife and National Park & National Elephant Conservation Center at Lanchang, Pahang.

All pictures are right reserved.

KWW girls in Envi Biotech

Mind you all the animals in this museum are from REAL animals. Their skins were preserved with chemicals only the sculpture of the body was made from fiber. Cooliooo!

You gotta beautiful eyes!
Yummy :p

I fed the elephant!! Wehuuu first time experience in my life :)

My dream and passion,to make this world a better place and save our forest from diminish!

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