14 May 2013

After heavy rain comes a rainbow


All praise to the Almighty for the rezk. The One that I always asked from whenever I need something in my life. Finally, my patience worth after my application on doing internship at UiTM Perlis has been approved yesterday roughly at 4pm.

After being rejected from one institution, I get my courage back and apply for another shot.
Really,this is among the biggest challenge by Him for me during my undergraduate study. Eveytime I feel like giving up, deep inside me talking:

 "Allah is testing you,why giving up? You are among the chosen one! Being interviewed without notice because the 'interviewer' used your dad's phone, being scolded, lecture, rejected by him/her does not mean that you are a loser. That is a sweet truth of being in real working experience. You have to encounter all the long lecture from your employer by performing well in your job but not making a protest or make revenge with him/her."

I always pray to Him,to give me patience. Alhamdulillah, I can say that I did well this time..He helps me in every ways.

Big thanks to Abah & Mak too for always being there for me when this spoiled daughter is about to stop moving and being strong. I love you both like no other!!

And special thanks to Kak Fatiyah, the one who I met every 2-3 days in a week just to check the status of my application. She is truly a SUPERWOMAN! She is able to handle (with the help from Allah) about 200++ students' placement for intership. That is not an easy job man!! My full respect goes to this iron lady,may Allah bless you and your family 

Finally, thanks to all my KWW friends! They are too sweet! Hopefully our sisterhood will become stronger day by day. No words can describe my feeling towards my akhawat right now :')

Indeed, after a heavy rain and storm there comes a bright and colorful rainbow.
Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb

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Useriez said...

dengaq kata lepas nampak pelangi, esoknya hujan lebat turun balik.. haha