30 June 2013

Life recently

I have started my internship for 2 weeks already. All I can say is 'working' life is not fun at all. My sleeping pattern this 2 weeks: slept at 10.30pm everyday and woke up early in the morning (including weekends! :/   ). I have no colleague at all since I am not working in office, I am currently working on my project and most of the time I will spend my working hour at library or laboratory depends on situation.

If I were at laboratory, it will be my most nightmare. I will spend almost 11 hours in the laboratory alone since there is no laboratory assistant there that can assist me to prepare all the stock solutions needed. By hook or by crook, I must prepare everything from weighing until autoclave alone. Then waiting for the media to ready before pour them into petri dish and seal them. All in all, it is very tiring and I miss all my kakak-kakak lab assistants in IIUM. They spoiled us a lot. At my internship place,you even need to prepare 70% ethanol that will be used to sterile the laminar flow. Everything is on your own!

I really hope that my project will go well as planned since I have no more time to make mistakes. The results only can be seen after 4-6weeks of culture. Unfortunately I only have 8 weeks to go before the internship ends and guess what? I need to prepare a complete thesis about this project within this 8 weeks!! Usually a project will take about 4 months at least in order to get best results and only then you can prepare a complete report but I will take this as a challenge to practice myself working in organize manner so that I can perform better in my FYP later next semester.

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He breaks you, to build you. Deprives you, to give you. This pain in your heart was created to make you yearn less for this life, and to yearn more for Jannah. -Yasmin Mogahed

Alhamdulillah, Thanks to Allah the Most Merciful for giving me best feeling ever. Despite the tests that He gave me last semester, I did well during my final examination and I can finally make my parents proud of me. Alhamdulillah.......

Indeed, HE tests me with the emotional disturbance all day during last semester. I did cried, depressed, feeling down but that's only a test for me.

The wind doesn’t blow to make trees dance but to test their roots.”  -Ali ibn Abi Talib

After all this while,HE makes me realize that if HE wants it to be, HE will give it to me as long as I won't give up in every trials HE gave. I must be strong.

Same goes to my situation now, I feel low, alone, stress, but I know HE wants to test me;

"In tough time,don't focus on the pain or distress,
Focus on the ONE who heals it"- quoted


Luna Tsuki said...

I wish you all the best in your journey, we've all been there and made it out with the same spirits you've shown in this post so keep it up and may Allah ease it for you.

a's said...

#Luna Tsuki
Insha Allah I will,thanks for your positive words and du'a sister :)