16 June 2013

If you only knew

My internship will gonna start in 12 hours.
What's my preparation so far?

I have Google-ed my 'maybe-future' supervisor and he looks slightly old,white hairs, calm face in pictures. But I have no idea how its gonna be when we meet personally later. Hopefully everything went well for all 10 weeks there.Amin

I also did went for sight seeing at UiTM Perlis and mapping where is the building that I need to register myself during my first day at work. Seriously the number of students there are 10 105 and number of staff roughly around 835. That was a big number for me and it freaks me out a little bit. Lets see how I can survive there later :D

Apart from my pre-intership story, I have this one funny yet burdensome story :p

cinta terlarang :"(
image credit to One FM

Last Friday, Mak asked about when I will get MARRIED!
This is my first time ever, being in such serious conversation with my parents personally discussed about MARRIED
And my face at that time was like,KELAT.
Because I have no answer for that question.
And Abah interrupted, "Dah kurus keding sangat,siapa yang nak" with his cheeky face

Amboii...sentap 200 tahun tau?

And I said to both of them,with a pity face "Tolong doakan Angah dapat jodoh cepat bila dekat Makkah nanti, pleasee..sobs sobs"

Surprisingly Mak replied "What happened to the one who so close to you which is your classmate tu??"



I wish I could have the answer for that Mak :")

"Allahumma innaka ta'lam anna haazihil qulub,
Sesungguhnya Kau Maha Mengetahui hati-hati ini.."

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