13 June 2013

Self Reminder #3

Dear self,
Whenever you read this please remind yourself that you are heading to Jannah
And you are required to struggle your sweat off in order to get the pleasant of living there.

image credit to iloveAllah.com

If you want to change,
To become someone better,
You have to make a first step which usually give a big change in your life
You need to hold tight on your promise to Him, your parents, your family and love one
Watch your distance with ajnabi,
Avoid sinful deeds and actions,
Improve yourself in every way,
Enrich your love towards the Only One
That controls everything in this world

"YasminMogahed: Ya Allah, grant us what we love in the way You love.”

Its not easy to change,
but in every single hard steps you make
It reflects how determine you are
to fight with your own desire
May Allah reward you accordingly
Sacrifice, struggle & du'a
That's the only things you can do
To be pleased by Him
Remember,slow progress is still a progress

Surely,Allah knows your heart well....


p/s: 25 days to go until Ramadhan

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