12 June 2013

Met Long Lost Senpai

I met my lost contact senior since 3 years ago today. When I was at the departure hall today,I saw someone from far sitting on the bench at the gate where I supposed to be. I said to myself ; "finally there is one eye candy for me during this ride"

And that guy's seat in flight was 2 rows in front of me. This time around I saw his face clearly, in zoom mode :p And I really feel that I have known/ seen this guy somewhere but I am afraid to greet him because I always mistakenly greet wrong people -___-"

Upon arrival at Alor Star airport,I purposely waited for every passengers to go out first since I don't like to wait and walk in crowd. He was at his seat too during that time. And suddenly he stood and took his bag from the compartment and gave a glimpse to me. I insisted that he is my senior but my 'shyness' has overcome all the curiosity on that moment.

Since I am too coward to greet him,I walked faster and rushed to pick up my bags and left the airport. Suddenly I heard someone calling my name and yes, he is my engineering senior whose incredibly charming after 3 years never met! We talked and update about our life in short since we were already inside the terminal and about to leave. But then he still accompany me to pick up my belongings even tho he has nothing in the cargo.

He was the one who helped me during my interview session for TESL in first year before. He has changed a lot physically in a very good way.

We chit chat like none business until my belongings passed by us. Being a great senior,he run and catch my bag without me asking for it. Terharu dan terima kasih :') !

We walked together and left the arrival hall to meet our parents respectively. And I saw Mak's smile, and whispered something to Abah and I know they have mistakenly assumed that this senior of mine is my boyfriend since we both walk & talk together and wore looks alike jeans shirt.

oh deng!

However this unpredictable meeting really made my day after this emotional disturbance since last few days.

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