15 September 2013

Senior Year,Call Me Kak Long

The title is for fun only :)

It has been 4 days since the first day of being final year student in Kuliyyah of Science. Macam tak percaya dah masuk tahun akhir pengajian sebagai pelajar ijazah sarjana muda kepujian bioteknologi di universiti yang banyak suka duka tapi sayang yang amat dengan universiti ni.


When I was doing my internship,I can feel that this university has that 'internal factors' which attract my soul and heart completely. I can feel tranquil whenever I am in the university compared to the place where I had my internship at. But this does not mean that place is not good but the fact is I already get used to this environment since last 5 years.It somehow taught me to value this precious semesters left in this university. Please, I do not want to grow up :'(

Despite the fact that I am in my senior year already, but the hardest part about being at this level is the final year project! I bet all the graduated students had their own experience about FYP and I only about to start my proposal now. It freaks me out a little bit since my first trial of conducting research all by my own during internship was not successful as expected.I should do better for this FYP, pray for me fellas!


Basically, I only take 3 core subjects for this semester and only have classes on Monday until Wednesday. And I have planned some activities through out the semester to maximize the time spending with the girls and of course to forget all the unwanted memories #ifyouknowhatImean. Alhamdulillah so far I am doing great,even though it is not that easy to be strong but at least I am progressing,towards the positivity. Only Allah knows how awkward it was whenever I bumped into #youknowho anywhere in kuliyyah.


It was like forever I never wrote anything here after I have started my internship. Sorry for being away for few months,I was too busy dealing with my mini research study and being the 'only' child at home. Lessen socializing in social network, but more socialize in real world is better at the moment :D


Move to the next chapter, today was awesome!
Me and my KWW girlfriends were determined to get fit (hopefully it was not hangat-hangat tahi ayam please) and here we go! We went for jogging to the top of Pelindung Hill nearby Teluk Cempedak beach. It was 9 of us,and I have suggested to go for swimming at the beach right after jogging/hiking. And i turned out to be awesome!


I met this one uncle (but I never address him as uncle when we were talking) whose a judge of karate tournament and also a coach of Pahang Karate team.Alhamdulillah, it was my first time to reach the very top of Pelindung hill during my 3rd time there. And guess what? There are two boys from the karate team being silly and calling me "14" all the way whenever thay meet me and trying to get my phone number. And my answer to them was "My number is 14 *smirk*" and they gave this unsatisfied look but never give up on kacau-kacau orang. Just a typical one but it was a funny moment to be remembered and I should blog here so that I can read it back in future and smiling alone :D And this story happened on 14th September 2013. Its a "14th" story :)


Fortunately, one of the boys is a Kedahan too and that's why he insisted to talk and jog with me. Even though I stopped for few times with the girls (purposely) for camwhore session and some minor incident happened to one of the girls, but still that two boys kept their eyes on us. One of my girls said that one of the boys is very good looking but unfortunately I was halfy 'blind' since I am not wearing my spectacle on that time so I cannot judge.If there is rezk, we will meet later!

 Before went down the hill, us :)

We made it to the very top of the hill! Yeayyy

The red & yellow jersey karate boys at our back!

 I never know that they were this close behind me,kalau tak memang dah kena tempik.

And after saying goodbye, we headed to Teluk Cempedak beach and have some swimming lesson there. I have learned how to float my body and swim for few centimetre :p HAHAHA! But it was a big achievement for me since I have this water phobic thingy. I get panic whenever my feet do not reach the bottom of pool/beach. But me and my girlfriends did it today! We can finally float after few trials and teaching session with Sherry & Cikyes. Thanks babes :)

 We were floating on salt water :p

 Had so much fun with the girls
Before getting wet in the water!

Other than that,another big achievement for myself today is I finally ate 'pucuk paku' for real! I never taste it before,like seriously. Another record in my life,after 22 years and 10 months finally I can know how 'pucuk paku' taste like :D

I am so looking forward for our next agendas and hopefully I can fully make use of the time left with my friends here before everyone gets busy with their own life and responsibilities :'(

Value the love from people that sincerely accept you for who you are, never hurt them as you do not want to be hurt.

Ukhuwah fillah akhawat :)


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