24 October 2013

Dear Diary #66

Emotionally disturbed since last weekends' tragedy.
And I feel like do not want to grow up,
I want to stay,
Forever be today,
I want to skip a day in November,
A day when I used to wait for it every year,
never missed,
Because I don't want to feel sorry for myself,

But this year, everything has changed,
You are far away from me,
Even if I can hear your breath,
Because you are just right in front of me,
But I can only adore you from far,
Because everything has changed,

I miss the one that got away,
I miss the one that I can fool with,
I miss the one that I can be transparent with in every single things,
I miss to treasure the world with you,
And I know,
I really miss you right now.........

"Missing people reminds you that you're not in jannah yet. Jannah is the land without separation, where "you will be with those you love."

I just need to accept the fact that sometime the fate and our dreams can collide

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