17 February 2014


Assalamualaikum and greetings...

SubhanAllah I miss blogging! It has been 4 months I never post anything here. Clearly final year is not as easy as the other semesters. I need to concentrate more on my project or else I will not have any results to be presented during VIVA soon. I have hurt my bff's feeling, and I think he is still mad at me. 

I know I should not complain about this, because everyone is facing the crucial time during their final year studies as well. To be frank, I usually spend my time 12-14 hours per day at laboratory and the rest of time is for cleaning myself and praying. Fortunately I have no boyfriend to 'take care' of or else he will leave me with no words. HAHAHA

Mak is always be my bestfriend so far. Every day I will tell her what I am doing, how do I feel, how stress I am and the best part is Mak will give a lecture every time I call her because I have not start my thesis writing yet!! Nerve wrecking.

All in all. I am in stress, with life and my final year project.
I prefer to keep silent when I have problem, I only talk about my problems with Mak and my best friends only. Because they know how cranky I am when I am too tired and when my "malas-nak-layan-dan-amik-tahu-mood" attacking me.

Oh forgot to tell you that my backpain attacking me again due to this prolong stay at laboratory with the uncomfortable stool that have no back rest. Every night when I get back to room, I just want to lay down on the floor because of the pain :'(

Thank you to my 'doctor-soon-to-be' friend for the advise during my hard time when Abah is really sick past few weeks. May Allah bless you.

Please pray for my healthy and success for my final year project.

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