13 March 2014

Its about time #1

Its already March, I am expecting to complete my undergraduate study in 3-4 months. And now comes the hardest part, called F.A.R.E.W.E.L.L!!

When I was in my second year, I felt like the time was not ticking at all. Everything seems so slow, and needed to study all the heavy subjects which were not that easy at all. I admit that. Nothing in this world is easy, do not ever belittle anything before you put yourself in the shoes.

But after I took my concentration which is in Environmental Biotechnology during my third year of studies, my days went smooth. I love what I am learning. I do enjoy our field trips to meet the mother nature, our sampling session which is not suitable at all for ladies who are really concern about their appearance and beauty. Generally, everything that needs me to play around with nature, it always be my pleasure to complete the task given. I never regret on making a decision by choosing this course  instead of the one that Mak's insisted 4 years ago.

Alhamdulillah, Insha Allah I want to continue my passion in this field later. I do not care if people keep asking me, 'what you want to be after you graduate your first degree/masters soon? Your course is not that critical for this nation's development'

And in my defense, I would say that this is my passion since kids! I always love to make my yard green (planting something in pots for instance). And how you can assure that our country does not need people like me, the Environmentalist who will concern more on environment sustainability prior from anything else. Sustainable development of a nation is indeed a crucial issue to be discussed in parliament besides those silly and childish arguments about politics itself.

Back to farewell mode, I have this sad feeling deep inside me. I forced myself not to miss any games that involving my Kuliyyah for our IIUM Kuantan Sports Carnival (ISCAR) that is happening now since last week just because this maybe the last time I am enjoying the tournaments as an undergraduate student :'(

Video during Inter Batch Game, Kuliyyah of Science last semester

Besides that, I am trying to enjoy every little things that can be done with my fellow friends here in this campus. Soon, everyone will be busy with their own life and facing real world as an adult. Frankly speaking, I do love this place and its people. Like Malay saying "tak kenal maka tak cinta".

Speaking about love, I am going to be 24 in November this year and this is kinda freak me out because I have not had any potential spouse yet. So i decided to 'migrate' for a while, to find the real me and become a survivor. Hopefully I can survive even if I am alone in foreign place.

Apart from that, to my loyal reader a.k.a my classmate who never missed to read my crappy entries, thank you for your 'surprise attack' just now. Hahaha I feel honored to have such a loyal reader that willing to read my random writing about my life *awww please treat me a bucket full of KFC!* But however, I am a bit shy when I knew someone near me read this sort of online-diary of mine. In an open-access version.

Hey this is blog and anyone around the world is able to read this one. So I don't blame this technology for the damage but blame this emotional lady behind the keyboard instead  :p

p/s: I am in the middle of constructing a hard and heavy-duty wall like I used to have 5 years ago. I feel 'safer' that way...
p/s/s: all pictures from my cikai phone

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