06 April 2014

Dear Diary #67

Last week was one hell week for me. I was working in laboratory more than 12 hours each day and don't forget to mention that I was alone for most of the time. Besides, I need to go back and forth from Biological building to Chemistry building which is about 1 km ++ in distance.

And the tense increasing day by day when someone that is self-centered and always 'bully' me in a way that I cannot stand the pressure anymore. Frankly speaking, I almost burst into tears last 3 weeks when he mad at me and say something that made me think that I am not capable enough to do this research. I keep it to myself, I eat Oreo a LOT!! Just because to make myself calm and think positive.

I keep on trying, everyday I think of new method and formula in order to find the best way to optimize my method. Alhamdulillah Allah sends me very helpful laboratory assistants who always be with me when I am at my lowest. Until last Friday, I think that I cannot stand the pressure alone and I met my motherly supervisor. She heard me, and took some actions toward that guy who's 'bullying' me. At first I just want to forget and already forgive what he had done to me but then it involves my future. Unfortunately, the news about this 'bullying' thingy was spread to my supervisor before I met her last Friday.

"Ketika didatangi masalah, Allah tidak meminta kita memikirkannya sehingga lelah, tetapi Allah meminta kita supaya sabar dan shalat"- Perempuan Pencari Tuhan

This will end soon, I just need to endure the pain a little bit longer. And after that I will leave this place for good. Pray for me, because sometimes I am not that strong like I used to be. I am bleeding too when I fall down.

Miss you my first kitty love!

Lately I wonder why people keep come & leave from my life?? What I have done wrong? Hmmmm

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