26 April 2014

Alif Curry House, Kuantan

Location : Jalan Besar, Kuantan, Pahang
Concept: Indian/Mamak style
Verdict: 4 stars (Highly recommended)

Finally found this curry house in my final semester here. Coincidentally found this place when I went out for street outing with my mate and we parked the car nearby this restaurant. Thus, a friend of mine suggested to have our lunch here since its already noon when we finished with our photo outing on that day. At first, I was mistakenly ordered nasi briyani since at the display shows it will be served on banana leaf too. But after we got our meals and we found out that nasi was just nasi putih that will be served on banana leaf!

 My 2nd visit: Simply delicious!

So I promised to myself that I will come to this curry house again for that 'nasi daun pisang'. And I did, with my curry lover friend. We enjoy the curry very much. Setiap suapan asyik cakap "sedapnya kari dia emmmm".

Happy face after add extra curry gravy twice!

As a curry lover cums Penang's cuisine lover cums anything in thick curry lover, I really recommend this place for everyone that have the same tongue like me! You will love this place for sure.

 My 3rd visit: Fried bitter gourd (side dish) is really to die for!

Besides the main course, you will have 3 side dishes and it depends on menu of the day. But the fried bitter gourd and their thick fish curry is really to die for! I am surely one happy kid whenever I made a plan to eat at this place with my other curry lover friends.

Happy trying!

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