28 April 2014


Woke up this morning with a terrible news from home through Adik. She sent me a message last night but I thought that she just wanted to have a chat with me since she is so childish like that. 


There was an incident happened to my beloved Abah yesterday.I haven't listen to the whole story yet since Abah lost his mobile phone and cash money RM3k from that incident. And being Abah & Mak, they never favor to let us know anything that will distract us from our studies. And coincidentally Adik called Mak last night and she said she was at police station for making a report about what happened to Abah. That's our parents style, and maybe yours too. 

There was one time last year, Mak got admitted due to some minor case but still she is not well. And I got no news from them. Even I called her during that time and she was laying on bed at hospital but still she said she was at home with such warm voice. TT_______TT

Last three weeks when I was at my lowest and being intimidated by someone, Abah called me every morning and night just to make sure that I am okay. Mak & Abah were too worried about me on that time, Mak said she pray for my safety every single time. Abah even asked me to stay at my aunt's place for my safety. And now, they were in trouble when I was not around. I feel bad & worried.

Up until now I still cannot reach Mak or Abah since they were at work and Abah lost his mobile phone so I need to wait until after office hour to catch up with them.

Ya Allah, please protect my parents. Feel like going home right now but FYP not let me too :"(

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