03 May 2014

Saturday Morning & Leaving...

What a Saturday morning! Should I begin the story with something thrill or sad? Since I favor happy ending,let me talk about the sad thing first.

Time past by so fast, I have another 48 days left before leaving this place for good and graduate!!

It freaks me out a little bit, but I am sure this gonna be my hardest goodbye (since I do not have any plan to stay or make a living in Kuantan YET). So, to satisfy my own desire I made 1 checklist. I called it "Before Graduation Project".

This project was once initiated by me, and with the help of my lovely friends I could scratch out the points one by one from the list. Its okay if there is no crowd around, as long as I am enjoying to bit the thing that I want to do before graduation, my mission is already accomplished. But it would be better & more joyful to share every moment left with someone you loves as in your friends. Since its hard to ask every one out recently at one time, so I decided  not follow the crowd. Be a lone ranger like I always be.

Thanks to those who spent their precious time together to complete my check list. I really appreciate the thought from every one of you especially all my KWW friends. Still there are many things in the list to be done, and I am still working on it when I have free time. Lets pray that everything went smooth & me and my classmate will graduate successfully this mid June 2014.


Here's come the most exciting story. In order to complete my #BeforeGraduationProject, me and my partners in crime went to this nearby beach to chase the sun. And yeah, I love to capture moment like this. My parents knew how I can struggle for the sake of taking pictures of nature. I always love to take pictures of sunrise and sunset. I will spent the whole evening (usually alone) by the beach and witness the amazing creatures of Allah. 

Apart from that, full moon is one of my things too. But too bad my gadgets are not enough to capture that beautiful moon. So I will just sit on the grass or sand by the beach and watch the moon with my own digital eyes that never be compared to other cameras on earth.


Enough with that, continue with my story. After chasing the sun, I drove to nearby petrol station to refill the fuel. As usual, went to the counter and made the payment. Filled the fuel. But suddenly remember that I forgot to lock the car (even my friends were inside but this car of my mom is very sensitive and gedik.). Mom said if the engine cannot start, try to lock and unlock back before try to start the engine once again.

I did what Mak said few times already but still the engine cannot be start. I started to get panic but glad to have my great friends around to calm me on that time. And suddenly, came a male worker from that petrol station, helping me out with the pump since I was too busy at the driver seat, plus panic with the problem.

And while I am trying to start the car again and again, came one guy wearing neat shirt. He asked me what's the problem then I said I don't know what happened. This is my first time encounter such situation without my parents around. If I were at my hometown, Abah will be my savior whenever I was. But now I need to sort things out all by myself,serve you right Anna!

Then that nice guy asked me to wait, he wanted to bring his car and 'jumping' the spark to start my car. And came this one uncle who works at the petrol station. He asked me to do the thing like mom said to me but still the car cannot be start. The guy earlier came with his car and "crocodile jumper".

The jumping session just took second to start my car!! And that guy said the battery maybe weak, I need to give a visit to the nearest workshop. I was too worried at that time. At first me and my friends planned to have breakfast at somewhere fancy with great food but I was too distracted with what just happened thus I decided to have breakfast at the place where I can seek a rescue from my friends easily.

So, we went to Warung Pak Lah for breakfast. And it was my first visit for entire 4 years living here!!! Am I too lame? -____________-"

While we were eating, my heart beats fast. My face still can give a smile but deep down I am still worried if the car cannot be start again this time. HAHA.

Alhamdulillah this time around it can be start easily. So off we went back to campus. Back to my room, called Abah asking for advise. Then Mak suggested me to go to nearby tyres & service center to check for the battery life. Asked for the help to find the nearest workshop from my KWW friends. 

Alhamdulillah, went to the service center and the procedure to change the battery just took about 5-10 minutes! And there you go, spent RM200 this morning for the battery alone. After all, I did learned so many things this morning. And thanks Allah, this thing happened when I am with my friends and not when I am alone since I always went out alone recently.

The good things from this scene are:
  • got new experience,
  • Honda service center cannot change battery,
  • learn something new about handling car,
  • got the chance to have breakfast at Pak Lah,
  • I can count on my friends when I'm in trouble,

What a day!
Mak & Abah, I can handle this problem alone with the help from my friends.
I am all grown up now.Luls -__-"


Danial Jaafar said...

you gotta start somewhere. now that you have experienced this, you'll be more prepared in the future. =)

a's said...

you were right mister! it has been a while since your last comment here. :)