19 April 2010

Its Your Big Day Mom!

credit to google image

tonight we had our dinner at Thai Restaurant. At first, dad wanted us to eat at Golf and Country Club since this is mom's pre-birthday celebration but because of along was not around so mom refused to eat there. Damn I'm disappointed.huuuhuuu!

Ini semua along punya pasal! Lambat lagi lah nak tunggu along balik sini. Arghhh!! I'm craving for the steamboat at GCC!!

I just want to dedicate this entry specially to my lovely mother;

Happy Birthday ibunda! I know I am not your best daughter as I am supposed to be but I always be your "anak manja".LOL! (okay2,get serious man!).

Somehow we always say the least
to those we love the best.
And hope our thoughts are understood.
Although they're unexpressed -
That's why it means
so very much,
when days like this are here
To say how very much
you're loved
each day throughout the year.

Semoga panjang umur dan dijauhkan daripada sebarang penyakit serta dikurniakan rahmat dan kasih sayang daripada-Nya. Hoping for more years to come;

i love you mom and dad;with all my heart and soul

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