03 May 2010

Immature behavior

referring to my previous entry about this thing,I thought it will end there. but I'm totally wrong! That person hit me back in her/his blog. What a shame! I thought I've already explained everything to her/him but unfortunately with the immaturity of her/his behavior then makes it more complicated to her/him but not for me.

I just smile and think, "Now I realize that I'm grown up and become more mature in thinking (sometimes) than my age does".

Its not just 1 entry but 2 entries she/he had posted in her/his blog just 'for me'. Thanks,I really appreciate that and I really mean it. At least I got the idea that you are really really damn fucking hating me for this time being.

It just not only the 'repay' back entries trough her/his blog,but also she/he had removed me from her/his friend list in Facebook. Again,the immaturity clearly seen there.

Its about us,no need to drag my family status or my studies or what not.

I think I've clearly explained to you everything about that before like trillion times.

"mmg BLAH gila prangai daknie wa ckp lu! aku pon x heran aih, berasa mengaji pandai, berasa kaya? dunia ja sume tuh, org ada berjuta pon org x tunjuk aih takot kna rembat satg. haha!"

the quote from her/his blog. p/s: don't sue me just because I've copied this from your blog. LOL

you judge yourselves.

-case closed-

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