04 May 2011

Dear Diary # 39

How would you react when the someone you have been waiting for,the one who you think worth to reject anyone else,the one who you think of all night and day suddenly have totally move on and got new love one??

I feel so bad,really bad and jealous too! Only Allah knows how much does it hurts me but then to think it rationally, he has moved on and why I am still like this? Come on........

I am pretty sure that everyone around me will shoot me because of the way I counter react with his new progress (?) which is he has moved on meanwhile I am still stuck and stay like one stupid person in the middle of the dark road.

I know everyone loves me,and so do I. But maybe Allah still wants to protect me from the harm outside and HE wants me to move slowly through the dark road and with hope that someday I will find the sunshine that maybe can be seen in the end of the road. So,HE makes me to be one strong lady with firm heart that always keep my faith in HIM even if I have to face the darkness all by myself. I am trying to move,but maybe my speed and acceleration are not the same with others which mine is a little bit slower. At least,I try.

Even if my heart is broken into pieces when I see other girls close with him,but I keep telling myself that he deserves someone better than me. May you find the perfect one that fit you well.......

p/s:the longest dear diary thingy post ever -___-'

p/s/s:currently listening to "Larut-Dewa19" ;'(


kays said...

we have lots in common when it comes to this topic :[

a's said...

yes I do realized it.at least I have someone that I can express my silly feeling with ;'(

Othman F. said...

anna!!! nak jumpaleh cheghita kat akuh!! ko kuat beb! :)