04 December 2011

Dear Diary #58

Seems like everyone is aware about that thing. I just don't realize about how and why suddenly this thing can spread. I kept this for almost half a year already but within few days only,all the cliques are already asking about that. It makes me feel awkward,mann! But for some reason, I do feel happy about the thing that I got back for myself. I got my life, I got my peace, I got myself closer to Him once again and scared to admit sins as I am not a good servant of Him before, I got myself a tranquility of life,and the most important thing is I got my smile back.Thank you Allah,You are too Generous to me ;')

Thanks to people around me,they teach me how to enjoy the remaining life with joy and I will not letting myself down again.

“Well, you never knew exactly how much space you occupied in people’s lives.”— F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender Is The Night.

p/s: Alhamdulillah,Allah kullihal :)


De'din said...

Alhamdulillah too :D

iela_fadila alias said...

teeehheee.. i noe . i noe :P
nak jugak plis :P

a's said...


a's said...

#iela_fadila alias
woootttttt! bolehhhhhh